How do I go about getting things started?

  • Joondalup Bariatric Services requires a current referral from your usual General Practitioner (GP).

  • Before having surgery, all patients have to undergo a 12 month supervised weight loss program. Those able to adhere to this 12 month weight loss program and have achieved significant weight loss (10%) will likely be able to comply with the intensive post operative requirements and are expected to be the group that will benefit most from surgery.

  • This supervised weight loss program is a mandatory WA Department of Health requirement.

  • Ideally you will be enrolled in a Chronic Disease Management Plan (formerly enhanced primary care plan). This will qualify you to receive Medicare rebates for the required dietician appointments and possibly any other allied health appointments deemed necessary. You will need to speak with your usual GP to gain access to this program. Should you elect not to be put on, or qualify for, a Chronic Disease Management Plan, there will be additional out of pocket costs for outpatient consultations. Please speak to your GP as soon as possible to ensure minimum delays.

  • After starting the management plan with your usual GP, we will endeavour to offer an appointment for assessment by Joondalup Bariatric Services within that 18 month period. However, due to the huge number of people waiting to be assessed the waiting time may be longer than 18 months in some cases.


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