Assessment by Joondalup Bariatric Services

  • You will receive an appointment with JBS for assessment where possible during the 18 month period. As JBS has received a very large number of referrals to work through initially, we expect that it will be around 18 months before you will be assessed. If the wait is longer than 18 months, you will need to update or renew the Chronic Disease Management plan with your GP.

  • Surgery cannot take place until you have completed this 12 month program but it does not mean you cannot be assessed for surgery before the end of the 12 month period.

  • You must bring an updated referral from your GP with details of your progression during your weight loss program.

  • You will be assessed by a team experienced in the management of clinically severe obesity. You will have an initial appointment with our Bariatric GP. A full history and physical examination will occur and initial blood tests and ultrasound will be ordered as part of your workup.

  • Following this you will be assessed by one of the surgeons and the type of operation will be discussed and decided in consultation with you.

  • Dietician appointments and clinical psychologist appointments will also be required once you have seen the Surgeon.

  • Once you have seen the Surgeon and been assessed as suitable for surgery, you will be waitlisted for your surgery. You will also be assessed by an Anaesthetist at the Joondalup Health Campus Specialist Medical Assessment Clinic prior to your surgery date.
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